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We Exist to Stop 
Human Trafficking
In Tampa Bay




Strip Clubs

This is a breeding ground for trafficking and abuse




In Reported

Cases of Human Trafficking 

The Average Age of A Victim is


In Most Cases

it is someone they trust and with whom they have a relationship 

Reports Made 

In 2020


How Many Weren't?

We Need You

Join our team! Become a Stop the Movement Ambassador! This unrelenting force is comprised of an army of passionate volunteers like you! As an Ambassador, you will: 

  • Help spread the word about awareness, prevention and education of human trafficking -Attend and serve at events

  • Develop meaningful relationships with likeminded individuals 

  • Coordinate and even speak at trainings 

  • Create even more ambassadors within your circle! 

Stop the Movement is an anti-trafficking awareness community.

We are friends on purpose. We exist to bring awareness, prevention and education about the reality of human trafficking to the Tampa Bay Area. We believe that an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Live trainings, self defense classes, internet safety and major events are just a few ways we are involved in Tampa Bay.


Church and Nonprofit Seminars

Want to learn more about human trafficking and what you can do to combat it? Sign your church or nonprofit up for a FREE Seminar! These hour long trainings include:

  • General overview of the problem 

  • Workshop on how to prevent it

  • Keynote speaking about protecting our children

  • Internet Safety Plan information 

  • tangible action steps 


After attending a Seminar, your church or nonprofit will become a Certified STOP Partner


Certify your workplace as a Stop the Movement Business Partner! We equip your staff  to recognize the signs of trafficking by providing resources and training, give tangible tools to utilize if they see a trafficking situation, and encourage them to commit to disrupting the supply chain! 


School Training

If you’d like Stop the Movement to speak at your school, let us know! We have a fantastic anti-abduction awareness training that is age appropriate and covers internet safety and fosters open dialogue with parents. The average age of a trafficked victim is twelve, so it is mandatory that this conversation happens early and often! 


Partner Organizations: 

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