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If not now,  when?

If not us, who?


Human trafficking is the business of stealing freedom for profit.

Movement can be a positive term, but it also has the potential to be negative. Right now in our neighborhoods, in store fronts, on our highways, and online there is a dark movement taking place under our noses. It is the movement of selling people for profit. Human trafficking. 

Stop the Movement exists to increase awareness, restore hope, instill worth, and create community amongst those directly and indirectly affected so that we can eradicate human trafficking in Tampa Bay.

Become an Ambassador

Join a group of people that are passionate about ending human trafficking in our area by spreading awareness and educating their circles of influence.

Become a Talent Lender

To join the fight against human trafficking, you don’t have to quit your job; in fact, you can be utilized right where you are! Click here to find out how you can use your skills in your current occupation to make a difference.

Become a Business Partner

Local businesses are needed to come alongside us and both employ and coach these survivors by offering them an opportunity to thrive in a new future they never thought possible. YOU can aid in creating a hopeful narrative for survivors!​

Want to learn more? Get involved? Have a question? Need resources? Contact us! 

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