Become an Ambassador

When you become an ambassador, you Help us educate educators, businesspeople, church leaders, and more! You will attend a quarterly training and stay updated on the latest information regarding human trafficking. You will have the opportunity to share what Stop the Movement is doing with other schools, churches, and businesses in the hopes that we can form an army of informed individuals who know what signs to look for and how to prevent human trafficking from happening wherever they are. We will also include leadership development and public speaking training to ambassadors so they can increase their reach! And did we mention all the stylish branded apparel you’ll get?

Become a
Talent Lender

Oftentimes people hold a false belief that they will need to quit their jobs so that they can help end human trafficking. But that is not the case! To combat human trafficking, we need all hands on deck. We are compiling a list of good men and women throughout Tampa Bay that want to help in some way. Are you in the medical field? We can use your assistance for evaluations. Are you in construction? You can volunteer your time to renovate the safe houses in our area. Are you a barista? You can help teach people skills and problem solving and how to work in a fast paced environment. The bottom line is THERE IS A PLACE FOR EVERYONE here. So join us today! Thank you for lending your talent and helping provide hope in this dark world!

Become a Business Partner 

Survivors of human trafficking have endured abuses the general public cannot comprehend. As a result, they have not had the chance to complete education or create a resumé or experience gainful employment. More often than not, they do not have the education or job skills to find stable jobs. Business Partners will take survivors under their wings, give grace, teach, train and equip them to thrive not only in their current situation, but in a brighter future. If you would like to help in a very tangible way, please complete the inquiry below. Thank you for having a desire to make a lasting impact! Your time and mentoring will not go unrewarded!